Remove “.OMG!” Virus – Uninstall omg extension Virus

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If you have noticed your computer is popping up a lock screen instead of default operating system screen. Did you also notice that extensions of files saved in your computer are altered to “.OMG” Extension Virus? Lock screen is preventing you from accessing of your computer, notice that your computer has been locked by .omg Extension virus.

What is “.OMG!” Extension Virus?

“.OMG!” Extension Virus is new type of dangerous ransomware which encrypts files on an infected computer. It is dangerous ransomware because once it encrypts files on infected computer the chances of recovering the scrambled files are hard. Once .OMG! Virus successfully entered onto computer it encrypts all files frequently used by the computer user. The malware intrudes onto a computer encrypts all files and displays a screen lock stating that “all your files are encrypted” message. The malware is categorized as a latest ransomware it automatically gets installed encrypts personal files, seizes computer access and suggests to pay ransom through Ukash, Moneypak online prepaid services to obtain key to decrypt files. This virus is even most cunning and nasty than ransomware, because once it encrypts files it is possible to user to recover files.

How “.OMG!” Virus invades onto computer:

The virus can arrive as genuine email attachment from reliable source and through infected sites such as social networking sites, drive by downloads, instant messengers etc. In addition, it may arrive when user uses an infected removable storage device such as floppy or pen drives. When user opens spam email attachments purportedly from system updates or legal enforcement institutes. Also clicking of malicious popup and advertisement links may affect computer. Once it enters inside of computer, it starts scanning for photos, PDF, documents, spreadsheets, zip files etc before encrypting and displaying ransom screen lock page. This sophisticated virus has added extra files to encrypted files to make computer risky. .OMG!virus is dangerous for home users and equally dangerous to business organizations. However business users suffer more because suddenly they loss their valuable files. There is no assurance that hackers will release private key to necessarily decrypt files.
How does “.OMG!” Extension Ransomware scam works?

OMG Virus uses public key to encrypt files stored in targeted computer and private key is stored by hacker and to be released to the victim in exchange of money. The alert window displays a countdown of 72 hours within which private key needs to be obtained by paying a ransom. Falling in this scam may result in deletion of private key which means there is no other way to decrypt the files.

What type of systems becomes target of “.OMG!” Extension Ransomware?

Outdated operating system versions, vulnerable applications and programs are targeted to ransomware attacks. To avoid attack of ransomwares it is suggested to use updated operating system, web browsers and other software.

What should be done to prevent the “.OMG!” Ransomware attack?

Avoid opening of links that looks malicious

Avoid opening of mail attachments sent from unknown sources

Before opening of executable files ensure that all should be thoroughly scanned

Use updated antivirus programs to protect system from virus attacks

Not to get tricked by opening of popup links or system alerts those looks legit but are actually dangerous

Use updated antivirus software to protect from unwanted Trojans, adware, malware and browser hijackers

Avoid malicious clicking or downloading of online games from unauthorized websites

Avoid opening of malicious email

Use updated web browsers to stop virus attack

Avoid watching videos online or downloading music or video files from unreliable sources

How to know if a computer is infected with OMG! virus?

Suddenly speed of the computer decrease this may be a result of virus. When a virus infection gets inside of a computer it may consume more memory than previous which not only slows the performance of pc but also corrupts or crashes the programs running in the computer. Symptoms of virus infection

When a computer experiences random crashes then it may be a sign of ransomware

Computer restarts automatically may be indication of infection

Unable to open folders or documents may be sign of virus

Sudden change in the speed of the internet is just an indication of virus attack

Sudden change in the browser settings may be a result of virus

Default homepage of a browser is redirecting to suspicious websites then it is clear indication of virus attack

If a system is popping up strange alerts stating that computer got infected with some virus attack

Sudden increase in the file size this may be a result of virus attack

Frequently asked questions about “.OMG!” Extension Ransomware?

Will paying fine decrypt all files?

No. Paying fine is not a recommended solution to gain access to encrypted files.

Is “.OMG!” Virus a fake ransomware?

Though it belongs to the ransomware family, the activities shown by “.OMG” virus are different from other. The ransomware is more dangerous than the police or cyber command ransomware.

Will restarting or rebooting of computer remove virus?

Restarting or rebooting of computer will not remove virus

Why it is hard to decrypt encrypted files?  

According to the latest researches security tools are effectively detecting the virus attacks but failed to decrypt the encrypted files. Encryption techniques used by cyber creators are most advanced and are difficult to trace. These advanced techniques will modify the registry entries of system without user notice or knowledge. These programs are executing in background secretly in hidden from so the detection of viruses may not be possible to the licensed antimalware software. Though virus is detected it is impossible to the user to decrypt and regain access to the encrypted files.

How to remove “.OMG!” Virus?

If your computer is infected with “.OMG!” Virus, we suggest you remove it from your infected computer as quickly as possible. We recommend you to contact tech support and take their help to remove “.OMG!” Virus promptly from infected computer.

Remove “.OMG!” Virus – Uninstall omg extension Virus
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